Duolingo – “Learn Languages Free”

04. Gillette: “The best a man can get” Hipster beards and mustaches may come and go, but Gillette razors, which have been a staple in the grooming industry since 1901, will never go out of style. In fact, King Camp Gillette, the founder of the company, invented disposable razors, which revolutionized shaving and completely disrupted the industry. The ongoing trademark, “all that a man can get” was first appeared during the 1989 Super Bowl and has persevered for 30+ years. Even though Gillette’s brand voice has changed over time, this slogan still reflects the core of their message. Back in 2019, Gillette had a (then) momentous mission showing a man training his transsexual child to shave, and uncovered a “We trust men” promotion endeavoring to add to the # metoo development discussion, which got significant kickback. The brand continues to expand, paying attention to their target audience and remaining relevant and cutting edge, despite a few missteps along the way.

Gillette motto. All that a man can get

05. SPANX: “Don’t worry, we’ve got your butt covered” Prior to SKIMS, SPANX was one of the pioneering, game-changing products that literally changed the shapewear industry. Other than being a female-driven business that advances ladies strengthening, SPANX likewise stood out enough to be noticed in 2021 when brand organizer Sara Blakely shocked every one of her workers with a free excursion, in addition to an extra $10k for going a little overboard while voyaging. Random fact: in 2012, Sara was named the most youthful independent extremely rich person by Forbes. A brand for women, by women (and they’ve got us covered) works in both the literal and more profound sense of the company’s playful slogan.

SPANX motto

06. Duolingo – “Learn Languages Free” Because Duolingo is a platform that is based on diversity and has users who speak more than one language, the slogan is short and easy to remember. It builds trust and reinforces what the brand helps its users do. The language app, which is known for its viral TikTok presence, relatable “unhinged content,” and their most recent ploy—an April Fool’s prank that pokes fun at the frequency of app notifications and Duolingo owl memes—continues to shape the perception of their brand through creative and pertinent content while also creating a global community of dedicated language learners.

Slogan of Duolingo

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