slightly thicker than the horizontal ones

Albeit delegated a mathematical typeface, Avenir pushes the limits. These sorts of typefaces are generally founded on mathematical shapes. However, Avenir’s “o” is not a perfect circle, and the vertical lines (also known as strokes) are slightly thicker than the horizontal ones. This gives the otherwise minimalist font a sense of harmony and warmth. Delivered in 1988, it takes motivation from past notable typefaces like Futura (see beneath).

There are six loads accessible — light, book, roman, medium, weighty and dark, with a sideways adaptation for each. This gives you the opportunity to explore different avenues regarding anything from a light and breezy logo plan, to a more prevailing one, contingent upon your image personality.

02. Agentur

Best logo text styles – Agentur

Calligraphic sans-serif | Paid

Plan: Foundry of Kenneth Knutsen: Great Sort Foundry

With an extraordinary and reasonable way to deal with typography, every one of Good Sort Foundry’s plans is loaded with character. Agentur, delivered in 2016, tracks a barely recognizable difference between a contemporary look and a more customary, calligraphic style. Your logo will look its best in any setting because it has been optimized for both print and the web.

Agentur is accessible in one weight, yet on the off chance that you’re after a bolder and more particular look, you can select Agentur Show, which is more extensive than its partner. Whichever style you go for, this typeface incorporates a few profoundly adapted glyphs that can give your image genuine person.

03. Canela

Best logo textual styles – Canela

Show textual style | Paid

Plan: Miguel Reyes

Foundry: Commercial Type Canela is a unique typeface in that it does not belong in any one category; It is neither sans-serif nor serif. It has a look that is at once classical and contemporary because the ends of its strokes are flared, but only in a subtle way. A characteristic of serif typefaces is the stark contrast between the thinner and thicker lines.

There are six different weights and italics for this display typeface. Since its delivery in 2016, three recent trends have been added — Canela Consolidated, Canela Text and Canela Deck.

04. Separat Geometric sans-serif is one of the best logo fonts. Paid Design: Foundry of GUNMAD: Or Type This unconventional typeface can give any logo design a strong sense of personality. The capitalized letters truly stick out, with a considerable lot of them having “isolated” segments, making for a certainly eccentric tasteful. Take a look at the letters “M,” “X,” and “K,” for instance, and clearly identify the various shapes that make them up.

Separat was released in 2013 by Gumundur lfarsson and Mads Freund Brunse, a type designer team. There are four different weights to choose from: black, regular, and bold.

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