Signs that your car’s transmission is broken

Signs that your car’s transmission is broken

The transmission system of a car is one of the most important and complex parts. Hundreds of sophisticated hydraulic systems, as well as computer-controlled electronics, are working together to shift gears. Auto gears; The transmission system, which includes computer systems, is complex and difficult to repair, so regular service is required before it breaks down. You also need to change the oil.

Here are some signs that the transmission system is starting to break down to prevent gear failure.

Leakage: Leaking gearbox is a sign that your car needs to be taken care of. A small amount of liquid on the floor of your garage can turn into a big problem. Gear oil is an important fluid that can be used to shift gears in your car. If your car is running low on gears, it is leaking. Causes of gear leaks include recent car repairs, gasket and seal erosion, bell housing problems, gear leaks, gear leaks, engine failures. Gears Axle slots.

Warning Lights – Modern cars have a system that alerts you to problems and alerts you to problems. The sensors in the gearbox detect vibrations that you may not be aware of. You can know and tell the problem. The most common of these is the Transmission Temperature Warning light, which is hotter than normal and lights up when the entire gearbox is overheated. As soon as the light comes on, check the gear oil field and the coolant field immediately.

Odors: Gear oil has a sweet odor. If you smell burning, you should change gears as soon as possible. Gear oil smooths the entire transmission system and prevents overheating. If the transmission oil overheats, your gearbox may overheat and eventually reach gearbox.

Dipstick Testing – The easiest way is to check the gear oil with a dipstick. Find the Dipstick on your car gearbox in the manual. Keep the car engine neutral or pack and wait for the engine to warm up. Then remove the dipstick without stopping the engine. Swipe with your index finger to determine the color of the engine oil. The liquid should be pink and clear. If it turns brown and smells burnt, you should change it. Also check the fluid level.

Noise: Here’s the difference between automatic and manual transmission. In the manual system, too much pressure is pressed at each gear shift, which is a bad sign. It’s not good to sound like that when you step on a club. The club will have to reschedule. It is also possible that the gears were eroded. In the case of automatic transmissions, if something is not noticeable in every gear shift, then something is wrong. It is more certain to hear a trembling sound.

Transmission does not change immediately – The gears are designed to reach the required level immediately. If you do not change gears immediately, something is wrong. In the case of manual transmissions, shifting the gears will increase the engine speed, but if the gears do not increase, the clutch will be cluttered. There may be a gear problem. In auto gear, shifting between Park and Drive may not work immediately. It is not only a car problem but also a danger to the occupants and should be checked as soon as possible.

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