Never expect lime, charcoal, and bamboo

Never expect lime, charcoal, and bamboo

My dad used to say that lime, charcoal, bamboo, and so on. Try not to deal, my little girl chuckles

In the event that you can’t get it, you simply don’t get it.. Since lime baking is a hot work.. They are extremely drained and poor.

“Masit da” Maung Sein Win (Putijone) One of the things that trapped in my dad’s brain was his little girl’s words “Masit da”.

Indeed, he once said… “Try not to botch it”. An outing is only an excursion, my girl. Magwe side? Monywa side, or Mattara side, I don’t recollect my dad quite well.

At the point when they were going on an interstate, when the vehicle halted for some time, a young lady selling filtered water moved toward the vehicle.

I believe this is on the grounds that it’s absorbed ice. The three or four jugs of water in his grasp were loaded up with water. “Clean water bottle” is the voice.

The first earthy colored skin of the youngster is on the grounds that it evaporates in the intensity of the sun. To no one’s surprise, Teacher Chit U Nyo plans to purchase a jug of water.

Hello, girl, how much is a jug of water? Kelamakaela is 300. In those days, when the cost of filtered water was just 200, It’s 300, so it’s excessive.

That is the very thing that educator Chit U Nyo is going to do. She has numerous girls. 200 and fifty. It’s not on the grounds that he’s chuckling, this is on the grounds that he’s wiped out

It appears as though it was cut for reasons unknown, just to prod the young lady. At that point, Maung Sein Win’s voice emerged.

“I don’t cherish you… I would rather not make it happen.” My dad and I are now paying attention to one another in light of the fact that I love and can’t stand Mr. Chit U Nyo.

Indeed, that is not significant. Masit is significant. Kids who are battling with life experiencing the same thing as you or me

My dad truly enjoyed the disposition that it was significant when he halted me by telling me not to burn through fifty hundred bucks. Educator Chit U Nyo additionally appears to like it without a doubt.

It’s chilly, it’s cold, so I purchased three containers of water as the young lady said. Something like 1,500 containers of lager in the spot

I have paid 5,000 to savor the takeoff room from the air terminal. I have paid 1,500 to drink a container of brew worth just 600 on the plane.

500 cups of green tea were additionally downed by fathers, correct?

Can any anyone explain why the existence of battling in the downpour and wind is being cut so exactly? The manner in which a dad knows how to purchase a diary is fascinating.

At the traffic signal, when the writers came, I began to purchase. 700. 600 little girls in the area. Dislike he’s poor by the same token.

Remaining out and about is worth 100 baht. . Intentionally reassuring. Allow the situation to inhale a bit.

Once, a young lady selling bubbled corn put a bushel of bubbled corn on the overhang of her dad’s home.

I trim my hair. He said that the container of bubbled corn was excessively hot/His hair dropped out something over the top. While taking off the material from the bubbled corn

At the point when the steam emerged, my dad felt wiped out. I never cut it.. I would rather not cut it. There are individuals who can’t swim for quite a while without getting worn out.

I would rather not father them at any point in the future. We should go more young lady. let it go

With regards to vehicle exchanging, it’s a problem. With regards to house exchanges, it’s an undeniable irritation. The gems exchange is truly challenging. Burning some serious calories is excessively troublesome.

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