Implications of English and Burmese day names

Implications of English and Burmese day names

During an illustration, a kid strikingly inquired. He likewise said that it was anything but a tacky inquiry. He permitted to inquire. (I have been addressing him starting from the start. That’s what he said assuming it benefits him, others should likewise benefit.)

He asked how the names Sunday and Monday came to fruition. He needed to attempt to answer what he had noted down. I have additionally found and submitted what is required.

The importance of Sunday is a day named after the sun god. Monday is a day named after the moon goddess. Tuesday is a day named after Jupiter, the divine force of war.

Wednesday is named after Woden, the divine force of wind. Thursday is named after the lord of thunder named Thor, child of Woden.

Friday is named after the goddess Frigga, sovereign of Woden. Saturday is a day named after Saturn, the divine force of seeds.

U Pho Lat said that the Burmese names for Sunday and Monday were changed from Pali. The leftover five days are supposed to be gotten from Sanskrit.

In the Pagan stone engravings, Sunday is classified “Tangrakunel, Tan Naku Ju, “Tan Kye Kanyu” is expressed. It implies the day of the day. “Kanal, Kunju “Kanyu” signifies sun.

In this way, the day of Tanakupse is named after the sun, and that implies sun day. Monday is portrayed as “Tan Na La” in the Pagan time. “La” is a melody involved by the moon in old times.

Accordingly, Monday implies day or moon day and is named after the moon. Tuesday is designated “Anka, Inca “Tuesday” is found. It is said that it comes from the Sanskrit word “Manga”.

It implies coal. Subsequently, the day is named after Mars, and that signifies “the planet with a red variety like coals of fire”.

Wednesday is tracked down in stone engravings as “Putta”. “Putta” became “Buddha”. In Sanskrit, it is designated “Buddhadina” and “Buddhwara”. Buddha’s significance is arousing, being astute He is the child of Moon, the planet of Thomas.

In the book of rajasthan, it is referenced that he was the child brought into the world to Tara Devi, the sovereign of the moon planet. Day is among Dina and Wara. “Buddha” is framed from “Buddhwara” by wiping out “Ra”.

On Thursday, Siddhartha, They are named after Angiratha clan “Kesthapatay”. A comparative composing is tracked down in the Pagan stone engravings as “Thursday”.

Friday is tracked down in Pagan stone engravings as “Shukar”. It is said that “Sukra” is gotten from the Sanskrit word “Sukra”. U Po Lat made sense of bit by bit the way in which Suu came from “Shu Suu”. It implies sparkling white.

In the Penal Code, individuals of Tejapura, passing It is said that it was designated “Friday” from “Friday” which was brought into the world to Thuzita, the spouse of Paburat.

Saturday is depicted as “Sanih” in Pagan stone engravings. Po Lat makes sense of that it comes from the Sanskrit word “Gani” (read Shani). It implies going gradually.

“Time of rest” is referenced as “Saturday” in the Book of Deuteronomy. each thoratha Kara clan spouse of Sunday It is said that the child brought into the world in Yessaya was named “Zappa”.

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