A side of the cheek that I haven’t kissed at this point

A side of the cheek that I haven’t kissed at this point

At the point when my significant other let me know she was pregnant, I was upset like the entertainers in the Burmese video.

The lady doesn’t tell her she’s pregnant like in the movie….She’s eating copper pots at a metal pot shop and she’s truism she believes she’s pregnant.

I said OK, it’s tomfoolery, there’s nothing more to it… At the point when I took a gander at the ultrasound, I realized it was a young lady…

I will have a little girl, I realize that I should work harder to become a dad.

At the point when my girl was brought into the world at SSC Shwegontai Hospital, I was concerned. For the spouse to be well and the girl to be well

Like the dads of the youngsters in the film, the cleanser doesn’t vanish.

The medical caretaker in the birthing room, is there Baby Choo Suwin? This medical caretaker realizes that I refer to the lady as “child”.

Indeed, it’s me…Rob — Maternity Voucher Both kids and grown-ups are wiped out…

I haven’t shown the kid first, however when I took a gander at the voucher, it cost 500,000 (5) hundred thousand…. I needed to pay to check whether it merited my girl.

Subsequent to storing the cash, he shows the youngster. In the event that the cash isn’t saved, the kid will be grabbed. At the point when the little girl saw it, she said, “Goodness, I am the dad of a kid. I have a little girl.”

Sadly, my girl was 2 days old and must be owned up to a youngsters’ clinic due to jaundice…. In the event that the kids are not great, I maintain that it should be me.

My better half is at Shwe Gontai Hospital, my little girl is at Children’s Hospital, and I went to the kids’ medical clinic where my little girl is conceded… My father by marriage is stressed over his girl and I am stressed over my little girl.

The day my girl began Kindergarten, she was among her cohorts with a little face. This is the start of an illustration on the planet.

I didn’t glance back by any means, since I wouldn’t even play with the possibility of taking a gander at the way that I had left my girl. At the point when I pivoted, my girl was checking me out.

At the point when he understood that I was watching, he ran out and said, “Little girl.”

The little fix of Thanaka that I applied on my girl’s cheeks, it split in two because of tears, and my liver is likewise broken.

I will return to thin with my arms around me… I’ll be holding up external the room, yet slender is staying put, so I needed to send her back to the room.

It’s coming down softly and King Moe is making our dad and child significantly more broken.

Subsequent to sending my girl off, I didn’t return until I got to the vehicle.

Consider it, when I accompanied my girl, presently I need to return alone. I needed to return home to observe that my little girl was at that point singing on the planet music in the school room.

My little girl is presently 14 years of age, so she got her telephone since it was ringing. I thought she heard my voice from the opposite side saying, “Hi, Uncle, would you say you are there, Uncle Limon?”

Young men have an attractive nature….I just need to be near my uncle and auntie.

A young fellow’s voice was multiple times higher than ordinary, and he requested to hold the telephone for some time, in the voice of U Thein Maung from the film, and put the telephone to his ear. I got down on a certain something

Somebody on the opposite side was likewise alarmed. My girl additionally detected the circumstance…

In the voice of a lady from a radio satire, she said, ”Papa,” since I was gazing at the manner in which my girl was strolling.

My girl didn’t get the line, so I went to the room and said, “How would it be advisable for me to respond?”

How is it working out?

My little girl went to the lounge and said how might I make it happen, and Aung Myo Aye claimed to clear into the front room and tuned in.

I think my little girl understood the circumstance that the winged serpent lord and the tiger are going to battle.

Who’s that young lady? I’m at school, I’m requesting schoolwork since I’m not at school. It’s generally expected. This is my daily practice. First I’ll request schoolwork, then, at that point, I’ll inquire as to whether you’ve eaten, and afterward I’ll hang up and advise you to deal with me.

I’m not discussing my girl, I’m simply talking from my heart. I need to deal with my girl’s telephone.

My little girl is as yet youthful.

The young lady I kiss isn’t as yet fat, as a matter of fact.

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